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'32 Plymouth PB Roadster Windshield HW

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Looking for the hardware that connects the windshield frame to the uprights on a Model PB Plymouth roadster. Even if I could borrow some hardware to make patterns, I'm interested.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN

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Bob,<P>Al Jr. at Ram Enterprises may have something for this. Most of his stuff is for 33 & 34, but he might be able to help on the PB.<P>Ram Enterprises<BR>10512 Lower Azusa Rd.<BR>El Monte, CA 91731<BR>aljrrament34@earthlink.net<P>I have used some of his stuff on my PD. Most of it is okay, some was a little off on fit.<P>Meloria,<BR>Tod Fitch

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