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Fuel System Pressure Release


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Need to drain fuel tank. Service manual gives instructions for doing this, which includes releasing the fuel system pressure, but I'm having trouble understanding exactly what steps 3 and 4 are saying. I'm listing the steps (below) with questions regarding these steps. Would appreciate any help in clarifying steps 3 and 4. 1.Loosen gas cap to release any fuel tank pressure. (Understood)

2.Remove wiring harness connector from any injector. (Understood)

3.Ground one injector terminal with jumper wire. (Question: Is this the injector

whose connector was removed as directed by step 2, or is this any injector?)

4. Connect one end of a jumper wire to one injector terminal and touch the other

end to the battery positive post for no longer than ten seconds. (Question: Should

the wiring harness connector be removed from this injector prior to connecting the

jumper wire, as in step 2?)

5. Remove jumper wires. (Understood)

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