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1930 Packard 740 Parts Wanted


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1930 Packard 740 Parts Wanted:

Basic (standard) radiator cap; hood hold down pins; tail light bezel; hood handles; hood vent door chrome pieces and springs; kelch heater parts; gas cap; fittings for intake to vacuum tank line; take off user quality bumpers;

Thanks a lot for looking.


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Is this a Standard Eight, or a DeLuxe Eight. You're asking for a standard radiator cap, but then you also ask for hood vent door chrome pieces and springs. Unless you have one of the very rare 3-door standard eight hoods, it sounds like you have a Deluxe Eight. There are different radiator caps between series as well. The 745 was triangular shaped, while the 733/740 was round. And last, the bumpers are different between series as well, as are the bumper "bananas."

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Thanks for the education. My use of "standard" was misleading. The car is a 740, and the cap I want is the standard one for the 740, with the little wave. Hope that clears it up. Thanks very much for your reply. John

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