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Window gaskets

Guest pappy

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Can anyone point me in the right direction for window gaskets for a 1938 Plymouth D8? I know Steele has something that would work but I'm looking for a one piece gasket. I also need the front and rear window vent seals. Any help is appreciated.

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Steele Rubber does list vulcanized (one piece) windshield and backlight gaskets for '38 Plymouths; with and without reveal mouldings. If your windshield is a split type the center division bar gasket is almost always a separate part. If the windshield is a swing out type there is a frame perimeter gasket as well as body gasket ; I'm not that familiar with the '38's to know it's configuration. You might also try Andy Bernbaum and Robert's Motor Parts as I think they also sell vulcanized gaskets. Chances are that Steele is your better bet but at a little higher price. Be advised that there may be a couple different styles of windshield gaskets used and it may or may not be the same size as the original! Read the descriptions carefully as many gaskets do not fit every make or body style. Both of the suppliers listed advertize in Hemming's Motor News and on the internet. Happy hunting!

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