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Installing Rare Parts Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings on a '65


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As the title states, who has installed these bushings? They are a little different in design than the original bushings I removed. The overall length is the same as my originals, but the inner sleeve will stick out further on one side than the originals (see picture). Is this going to cause any issues? I don't believe so, although it will move the control arm over slightly in its mounts - correct? Should I press the bushing in all the way until the ledge bottoms out on the arm or should I leave it out slightly as original?




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That's weird. I checked it when it was posted and it worked but it doesn't work now.

I went to the Advanced Search link and clicked on it.

I chose the 'search single content type' search tab

Typed "lower control bushings" in as the keywords

Limited the search to the Riviera Owners Assn. in the options.


Got a whole list of previous threads.

Hopefully you can find it again. If not, let me know and I'll see if I can find a couple of the posts that are most helpful.


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Doug I tackled this several months ago, using the same Rare Parts bushings. I have a 12 ton press in my home shop, and played around a bit, but in the end, I just could not get the proper support to press in these bushings in the rear arms. Solution. I took them to a local welding, machine shop, and they pressed them in without damaging the arms. Cost $20.00 Well worth the cost. I had no issues doing the upper control arm bushings in my press however, and also did all of the work on the front suspension myself. HTH, Rob.

BTW, they don't press in all the way to the rim. They will stop.



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Guest NordeastKen

I made a set of tools using different diameters of tubing, plate steel and a really long bolt. When removing the old bushing I did have to cut a piece of tubing to support the control arm so it would not collapse. But if you can find a shop to do them for $20 that will be money well spent, and a lot easier. Ken

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