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For Sale: 1954 Packard 8 Convertible


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not used to forums, I posted the following to the AACA forum this morning. I received a reply suggesting I post it to the Packard forum so here goes...

I'm new to this forum and looking to sell my 1954 Packard 8 Convertible. the car has 70k original miles on it. top is good but it's black instead of the original dark green. good boot, good interior, minimal rust in the trunk, overall solid car. I was told the engine was rebuilt and then it was driven very few miles before being put in storage. the owner told me while the engine was being rebuilt they fell in love with and bought a new Satellite convertible, the reason they put the Packard in storage. they still have that Satellite and it's a beauty! I have a receipt from 1967 for inspection ($1) and installation of the new convertible top ($47.50) at that time it had 600 miles less on it than it has now. all the trim is there- the skirts, hood ornament, wheelcovers, chrome trim. if I were going to keep it, I would just get it painted, do tires and brakes, polish up the chrome as much as it will polish, and drive the car. the original dash is very nice still, the car has been stored inside for over 40 years. it was last registered in 1968. I don't know what they're really bringing as so few of them come up for sale, there were only 863 of this model built. this may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone :-) I even have the original factory workshop manual and the glove box owner's manual. I am the 3rd owner, the previous owner bought the car in 1958. the oil and coolant were recently changed out and the car fired up off a gas can- sounded very good and was yard driven. will entertain serious offers- car is located in Virginia. Best Regards post-91113-143141738155_thumb.jpg









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Very nice Packard! Does it have power windows and/or power seats? Was it originally green or ivory? If you provide a phonw number I'll call you. Thanks.

it has power windows, honestly didn't check to see if power seats but can do that in the morning. I believe it was originally ivory. my number is 540-631-5852. can call pretty much anytime like 8am to 11pm, that's my cell number and I'm an old retired guy :-) still have to sleep now and then...


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