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63D model question. I'm sure the answer is out there but I can't find it....

Guest Pletch

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I understand this is a 4 door century and the "D" means deluxe but what difference is there between a deluxe and non deluxe model?

My searches don't come up with anything.

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Well I'm stumped. I looked at the salesman's book, the showroom catalog, the book published by Walt Bruegger, "Buick 1955 - Solid in Third," and this site:

55 Buick Identification

and could find no reference to a "D" or "Deluxe" anywhere. So my only "from left field" guesses are that the D represented that fact that your car has the Custom Interior, or for some reason it references "Dynaflow." How about that for some wild guesses???

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