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Maars Automatic Car Watch Steering wheel clock. Like Oldsmobile car watch, but not branded

Guest ChrisNJ1

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Guest ChrisNJ1

I tried to sell this on ebay, but couldn't really reach the right crowd. It has all the parts to install in just about any 1930s to late 50s car.

This look like it was never used because there is barely a scratch on it. It looks like some installed it and took it off or maybe tried to install it and then gave up. It is the same watch as the Oldsmobile car watch, but this is not branded. I looked for pricing on this and the only one I could find this nice was sold at Christies in london for $780 in 1998. I know nobody will pay that much for this but make me an offer and I'll get back to you.

This is ready to put on your car with only minor speed adjustments made by the exterior speed screws.

Here is the link to my unsold ebay listing

Swiss Made Self Winding Steering Wheel Clock NOS Original Delivery Slip 1951 | eBay

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