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Drive On Tilting Car Lifts - Who Makes?


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I am looking for a drive on, tilting automobile lifter for my garage. Yes, it has a nine foot high ceiling. I recall seeing one at Art Hart's home about five years ago and there were some advertised in Hemmings a few years ago, but I cannot find them now.

Autolifters Made in USA, drive-on tilt lift - FFCars.com : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum

There is a photograph of one of these drive on, tilting automobile lifts at the above web site. Apparently a company named Autolifters in Wichita made them but is no longer in business.

I'd be happy to find a good used one.

Any suggestions on where to find these things?

Very best wishes!

Don Hoke

PS Remember to Fly With The Eagles! But always remember that weasels never get sucked into jet engines!

PPS Yes, we are making progress on The BettyAnne!


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