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1942 Buick sedanet, "roller" and three '48 Buick convertible parts cars

Pete Phillips

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Not mine, but on the Jalopy Journal, www.jalopyjournal.com under the cars for sale section, there is a heading entitled "HAMB friendly cars available, 40 cars to be crushed" and in there, is mention of a 1942 Buick sedanet "roller" whatever that means (no engine????) for $300 per ton. Same place lists three 1948 Buick convertibles for $5000 for all three. There are photos of two of them and they are rough--look like parts cars to me. Located in the California desert, so unless you are on the West coast, the transportation expenses will probably not be worthwhile. Maybe I can post the link here: HAMB friendly cars available. Crushing 40 - THE H.A.M.B.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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Interesting operation. I would say 3 48 Buick convertibles for $5000, a person ought to be able to make one from the 3, given that these are desert cars, then sell some parts off the remains to recoup some, not all, costs.

I have seen a few recent posts off this H.A.M.B site that seem to indicate a few nice projects exist there, but I don't visit that site.

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