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driver well and passenger well courtesy lights


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need to replace the bulb to the drivers side courtesy light in the brake and gas pedal area of my 90 convertible. dont want to break anything i have pushed and puilled on the bulb with no results. before i put any force i could use the proper method as to removing and replacing the bulb...thanks taipp......

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This is just a wedge base lamp. Once the hush panel is removed, you can twist the socket out of the black plastic panel (careful, these bulbs get surprisingly hot when on for only a short time, enough to give minor burns). After doing so, it is much easier to grasp the bulb and pull it straight out of the socket. Intall the new lamp, twist the socket (1/4 turn) back into the plastic hush panel, and reinstall.

If the bulb is really stuck, it's possible the heat may have partially melted it into the socket. I'd be surprised if that happened, unless someone previously put the wrong bulb for the application in there.


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