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Dealerships, Toledo Ohio and New Orleans Louisiana


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I'm looking for any information about these two automobile dealerships, both of which sold Pierce Arrow automobiles in the teens and twenties:

Union Supply Company, 231-233 Superior Street, Toledo Ohio (sold Pierce, Chalmers, Stevens Duryea, Indian motorcyles)

Lyons Barton Motor Car Company, 748 Baronne Street, New Orleans Louisiana (Pierce dealership only as far as I can tell)

I've googled and come up with very little. Using street view, it doesn't appear that the Toledo dealership building is still in existence. My friend Marty has verified that the location on Baronne Street in the Big Easy no longer has a pretty old dealership building.

Anyone know any more about these two dealerships? Thanks!!

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Thanks, Magoo! That adds a little more information to the pile. Wouldn't want you to go to any trouble over it, but would like to verify that there is or isn't any original dealership building left at 231-233 Superior Street. Best I can do online is "stand" in Jefferson Street, at the intersection of Superior, and look down the street. There are two interesting stone and brick buildings on each corner, with what appears to be art deco architecture, but don't think that's the right address, think 231-233 is further down Superior.

If you happen to ride by that area, just let me know! Thanks again!

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Union Supply Company circa 1935, from the digital photo collection of the Toledo Public Library...


Note that the street address is 27 Superior. I don't know if the business moved down the street or the street number changed. Could be either.

In my time (b1953) this building was familiar to all as the Kurtz National Meat Cutting College. It was located just about where second base is now at Fifth Third Field where the Toledo Mud Hens play. The college closed in c1985 and the building would have been razed c2000 to make way for the ball park.

Also found this, a 1914 invoice from Union Supply for a Yale motorcycle. Coincidentally, the Yale motorcycle and automobile were made in Toledo. Union also made or at least sold bicycles under the Union and Centennial brands. How all this stuff is helpful in the pursuit of Pierce Arrow autos I have no idea, but it fascinates the hell out of me.


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