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Packard luggage rack Spears,any one make the 5 spears out of stainless.


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Try Northfield Forming: They supply the suppliers.

[TABLE=width: 600]


[TD]Northfield Forming (Dick Paskiet)[/TD]

[TD]468 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton, OH [/TD]




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I was looking at your postings and noticed someone suggested 1/2" brass stock. Several years ago I put spears on my Packard's slick running boards to keep the shoe scratches down. I used 1/2" half-round SST bar stock I purchased from 'McMaster-Carr'. Cost was very reasonable. I put the points on the ends with a grinder/file then polished them. Used a thin 3-m two sided tape to stick them down. They look great. This might work for you if you are a DIY guy.

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