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1938 series 40 steering box rebuild


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I am in the process of rebuilding my steering gear box and have the box completely apart and have finally located a new pitman arm shaft (the roller was cracked and the splines twisted). There is an eccentric sleeve inside the housing that is supposed to be turned by the tangs on the adjustment lever to adjust the backlash between the roller and the worm. I cannot move this sleeve unless I hit the lever fairly hard with a hammer and I can't seem to find a way to remove it for cleaning without damaging it.

My question is just how tight is this sleeve supposed to be inside the housing and what is the best way to remove it without damage. If it is supposed to be that tight do I have to remove it at all?


Steve D

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Guest Grant Magrath

Search for my steering box rebuild threads from last year Steve. That eccentric sleeve is a real bear to move, but when set up correctly, should be able to be moved with firm finger pressure. Technically, you don't have to remove it during a steering box rebuild, but it makes adjustment so much easier. If you could source a bit of pipe the same diameter, it would be easy to tap it out.



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