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NOS Gauge cluster for what 30's car or truck?


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I have an NOS dual gauge cluster with just the Fuel gauge in it. It originally had an oil gauge as well I believe. It's Stewart Warner as is the Gauge so I don't think it's anything GM which used AC or Mopar which used autolite. Ford used Stewart Warner but I'm not sure who else did. I may even be truck. 93322 is inked on the back of the cluster and the gauge has 93311 on the face where you can't see it. It's a really nice piece that would be a whole lot better on a car than my shelf. Any ideas? post-43003-143141731414_thumb.jpg



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Thanks for the tip. I already ran through all the pictures before I posted here. I've had that site saved as a favorite for a few years.

I'm thinking it may be truck as there were alot of truck makers in the 1930's. It was in a box with another Autocar part but that doesn't mean a whole lot as it came from a garage that worked on everything.

Thanks again for the tip

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