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65 bumper on a 63?


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Look at a picture of each side by side. They don't fit. The rear quarters on a '65 have a much smaller relief where the bumper wraps around the body than your '64 does. If you want to put a '65 bumper on a '64 (and I don't blame you, I've seen it done and it does look good) you'd be better off putting the entire rear clip from a '65 on the '64. Or as Mitch says. "...just get a '65." Ask my how I know this. I sold my '65 bumper for way less than I bought it for. :(


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OK Cool57: Although this idea yours didn't pan out keep pecking away. In my opinion I think you did it right. You had a vision and you ran it by some somewhat knowledgeable people. There have been many visions shot down from the sky because someone pulled the trigger with out doing any homework. Good luck with that Riv. Mitch

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