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Wiring Question


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My "new" 1932 Dodge DL won't arrive for a month or two, but I'm trying to put together a group of parts I want to install once she arrives at her new home, mostly brakes and suspension. But I also want to install all new wiring as the original has the usual case of crumbles after 81 years. Since I can't see the wiring at the moment, the only thing I have to go by is the wiring diagram in the instruction book. It lists all the colors - although I'm not sure what "black braid" means - but only lists the wire size as "small" and "medium." Would anyone out there happen to know what the gauge sizes are for small and meduim? Rhode Island Wiring has 18 through 8 gauge wire in what appears to be all the colors I need.

The other question is the diagram says "Small Blue Braid," "Medium Green Braid," and so on. Does anyone know if this is a blue wire and a green wire with a black braid, or...? I know Rhode Island makes up nice harnesses - I used one on my 48 Plymouth - but I want to save a few bucks and try to make one myself this time.

I know I should probably just wait until the car arrives but I'm just an impatient kind of guy.

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The original wire wore a braided cloth covered protectant the wire covering is braided or woven together. I would not take anyones word on what sizes small and medium are implying unless they have that harness sitting in front of them and trust their judgement on sizing wiring .

Small Blue braid with a medium green braid would be primarily blue with a green stripe in my interpretation but I do not have an old 32 DL harness to verify this.

BTW not that you asked but I would get the R.I harness.

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As usual I wasn't very clear in my post. The diagram just says "small blue braid." My 48 Plymouth had colored wires that had different colored tracers within the wire. i guess I was confusing "braided" with "tracers." Maybe the 32 used solid colored cloth covered wire with no tracers.

Better to wait and see what the original wiring tells me.

I really liked the R.I. harness I got for my 48 Plymouth, but I recently helped a friend build his own harness using the plywood and nails method and it came out great. We saved a bundle in the process. I'll still buy the wire and connectors from Rhode Island as they make excellent products.

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Nothing wrong with doing it yourself! Make sure you use top shelf wire! The new cloth covered wires are actually plastic coated with a cloth covering. Our old cars shook and vibrated and twisted so bad that wiring frayed easily.

Nothing worse than spending 20K or more on a restoration and watching an electrical fire destroy it.

Have fun and post some photos! I have said many times before that we love to watch others work on their cars!

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