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This is a question that comes up quite regularly. You've never mentioned what the condition of your engine is in. Is it original ?? How many miles on the clock ??.

If I were in your shoes, and not sure of the condition, I would be pulling the sump pan off and having a real good clean out and get rid of any crap and sediment that may have built up for who knows how long. They nearly always have a lot of accumulated sludge in there. Putting modern detergent oils in there with sludge (if any) will only give you grief when it all gets dislodged and blocks up the oil ways. There are several threads on here about oils, the good and the bad. I'm sure others will chime in with specific grades and brands.

Do you have a first name we can refer to you by. ?? Makes it all a bit more friendly.

You're also welcome to become a '39 Buick Team Member.


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Guest BigDogDaddy

Danny is exactly right. I use a non detergent straight 30 weight in my '40 Limited because the engine has never been rebuilt.


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Danny and Grant have it right (and both their lights are on).

Having only 12 posts since Dec of 12 You don't seem to be a "lurker" here.

Do you have the required parts and mechanic's hand books, and of course we like lots of pictures too.

There are many posts here about what you are supposed to do with a new "old" purchase.

Pulling the pan is JOB # 1.

How's your oil pressure ? Pumps are easy to recondition to build it up a bit. Pick up screens are easy to clean, if they are still attached (mine was not) to the pick up tube. Lots of forum threads on this subject.

Comments, questions and pictures of your project as you go along, will help us address many of your questions.

As for the rest, we'll just guess, or make up something that sounds right..................

Welcome Aboard,

Mike in Colorado

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