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1962 Cadillac Series 62 hardtop

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I debated whether to post this one here because there are some folks who won't like the wheels. However, aside from those flashy Torque Thrusts and a pair of Flowmaster mufflers, this one is stock, so I thought it might have some merit, even for us purists. The body is shockingly straight, with nary a ripple on those massive flanks and even in black it looks amazing. The paint was done several years ago, so it's not perfect, but on top of that nearly flawless sheetmetal, it can hardly be criticized. Chrome is excellent all around with no notable issues, and the taillights molded into the rear fins are awfully cool.

The interior offers some original and some restored bits. The carpets, door panels, and dash appear to be extremely nice original pieces, while the seats themselves have been reupholstered in steel blue leather that looks correct. Power windows, power seat, dual mirrors, and the factory signal-seeking radio with power antenna all included. Sorry, no A/C. Original steering wheel is excellent with no cracks or discoloration. The trunk has been fully reupholstered with the usual gray mouse fur, which may not be authentic but it fits well, looks good, and is not hiding any surprises underneath.

The original 390 cubic inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor still lives up front. It runs quite well, and despite the snarl from the Flowmaster mufflers underneath, the idle is silky smooth. Big torque and impressive performance for such a behemoth. Started up instantly after several weeks of inactivity and doesn't complain. The transmission pan seeps a bit, but I don't think that's an issue, and everything else is dry. New fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor, tune-up, belts and hoses, etc. so its ready to drive and enjoy. Currently owned by a fellow whose name will be familiar to those who follow NHRA drag racing, and part of his very impressive collection. Good luck finding a straighter one!

Asking $29,900 and we're always open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!














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