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Help Identifying Classic Car


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Sorry guys, but I think this may not be 35 hudson, or any hudson. Here is why. The hole where the crank goes threw, does not look like that on a 35H. The center grill bar is smooth, one continual line, not like that in the OP. There seem to be far to many horrizontal grill line's compaired to a 35H. and lastly the two belt lines on the OP end square. on a 35H they come to point , sort of.

I have attached some better straight on pics for comparison.

But I must say I have been very wrong before as I can't think of any other car make that had that destinctive vertical grill bars, other than Hudson, but my coments above compaired to the OP do not add up to a Hudson???




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Welcome to the forum.  It would be less confusing if you posted your pictures and questions about unknowns down below in the Photo and Video Forums  what is it or at least start a new topic (on page just above posts to the left of Reply... is a start a new topic button.

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