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72 4dr skylark - front seat removal

Guest PhilGJ

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My son and I are fixing up this car which we've had for 18 months. It runs pretty well but still needs body and minor mechanical work (carburetor). The fabric on the front seat and back are badly torn and we would like to recover them so we want to take the seat out to work on it. It is a full width bench seat and back with no armrest. We have unbolted the seat from the floor but it seems to be too big to get out of either the front or rear doors. Does anyone know the trick to this? Do we have to take out the rear seat? Or take a door off? Can the back of the seat be taken off inside the car - we need to know how to take it off anyway eventually so we can get the covers off.

Advice welcomed.

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I don't have experience with the model year but I did get one out and back in a 1965 Skylark four door. I didn't have to remove a door to get it out or in but it did take some angling of the seat. Yours is somewhat different as it has headrests. I assume you have removed them. I'd get some help to twist and turn the seat to wiggle it out. On mine, I had removed the steering column so that made it much easier. Column removal wasn't that hard. On my '65 bench, the seat frame was one welded piece. Take note on how it finally came out so installation can be done without damage to the new upholstery. Last resort, you could remove the front passenger door.

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Thanks guys.

I've been playing around this morning and making progress. I had removed the headrests of course, and now the rear seat and the slider mechanism under the front seat. I have now flipped it so the top of the seat is on the floor and the seat and back connection is pointed forward and the whole thing is lined up to come out of the rear door. It looks as if it will fit through but I have to wait for another pair of hands to slide it out.

Thanks for the warning that the seat frame may be one piece. Once it's out of the car I can have a better look at how to get the covers off.

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