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Parts of Gold ???

Dandy Dave

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Back at that 1951 Mercedes S-170 I've been helping a friend with, I believe the rear shocks are gold. Was quoted $725 a piece??? whaaaahoooo! :eek::eek::eek: Was offered a huge discount. $400 each.. :eek::eek: My local supplier can get them for $300 a pop. :eek: I can get some suitible aftermarket shocks for around $100 for a pair but will have to turn some bushings to get them to fit properly. You would think I'm working on a gold plated Rolls Royce or something??? It is only a little Mercedes, but it sure is a X$pensive li'l Mercedes. :P Dandy Dave!

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I once did a brake job on a 1965 Mercedes SL, and was quoted $250 EACH for rear brake shoes, and $1800 for a new rear brake drum. I think that's beyond gold prices..... Was able to find re-bonded shows for less than $50 each, and a good used drum for $125.

I'd caution anyone buying a Mercedes, they're great cars, and some are very reasonable to purchase, but parts can be a bear if something breaks. If you buy a newer Mercedes used car, be sure to get an extended warranty.....one of the few cars that I'd recommend doing that for......

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