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trying to decode a 53 buick

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Model# 53-45R

53 = 1953 model year

45R = Buick model number = 2-door hardtop (Riviera), 6-passenger

Style# 53-4337

53 = 1953 model year

4337 = Fisher body style number

4 = Buick

3 = Special

37 = 2-door hardtop (Riviera), 6-passenger

Body# BA 2152

BA = body built at Atlanta, GA Fisher body plant

2152 = body sequence number, starting at 1 for each plant for each style number

Trim 43 = Dark Blue Nylon Pattern Cloth with Plain Light Grey Bolster Cloth

Paint 67 = Shell Grey lower and Seamist Grey upper

Your frame serial number should start with a 6 (for Atlanta) and then fall into the range 6808001 to 7228458.

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