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55 Info Plate Info

Paul Falabella

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Yes, the car serial number starts at 001001 for each model year for each plant and then increments by one for each car built at the plant. This allows the total plant production to be easily calculated (http://forums.aaca.org/f115/buick-production-plant-338473.html). The body number was used by Fisher body to identify the body before it was mated to the chassis and it starts at 1 for each style number (4719 in your case) at each plant. The highest serial number I've seen for Atlanta in 1955 is 068270, but I suspect the final number would be around 071000.

(Buick model number 72 = Fisher body style number 4719)

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Of just that particular body? In my case a model 72 the body number is 3023 but the VIN is 53565. So the VIN is the total number of all models at that factory(Atlanta) and the body # is just Roadmasters? Is that correct?

Hi Sean, thanks for that information. Using what you state, as I suspected, I think my car would have been produced late in the model year. Some of the interior was resprayed but I think was originally one of the late 55 and 56 colors. If production ended 8/55 I would take an educated guess my car was built around May 55.

Thanks again,Paul

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