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Impressed With Quality

Guest shadetree77

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Guest shadetree77

I ordered these junction boards from YnZ's Yesterdays Parts and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of them. So many times you get a reproduction part that is cheaply and poorly made so I was quite impressed when I got these. For those not familiar with them, they go on the front of the car by the fenders and serve as a junction block for the headlights, park lights, etc. My old ones were completely SHOT to the point of disintegrating when you touched them. These new ones are well made, nearly identical to the originals, and feel heavy in your hand. Not cheapo plastic junk.



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Way more rare to SEND a compliment than gripe about bad service. Try it the next time you have eaten at a restaurant. Call the next day and say you had a great meal and good service. It confuses people. I know...I've done it!

Mike, you are right. Our nature is to accept the many good thinks as our due, and complain about the few bad things. Shame on us.

Thanks, Robert.


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