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Molding/Moulding clip retainers 1953 Super

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Howdy ya'll!

It's been a while, but I've been working so hard and I'm finally finished painting. I'm starting to install trim and such back on. However I've run into a snag. The original moulding clip retainers for the rocker panel trim and the reveal moulding around the back glass (located near the rear quarter windows) was so badly rusted that parts of the pieces practically crumbled in my hand or was ripped off and still attatched to said moulding when trying to remove it (I was gentle, I promise!) So I'm wondering if anybody happens to know of a supplier or any alternatives to obtain this seemingly obscure part. I searched here on the forums and through the standard Buick supplier website but came up empty handed. It seems that they might be fairly simple to fabricate, but metal forging is not my forte. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This being said, looks like spring is gonna be the official maiden voyage!

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Try Restoration Specialties & Supply. Click on where it says "Catalog PDF". It takes a minute to download as their catalog is HUGE. Go to the table of contents and that will show you what section to go to. They've got the largest selection of clips I've EVER seen. They can even make you a reproduction of your clip if they don't have yours listed. You just have to send it to them. You might also check some place with NOS parts like Buick Farm. Good Luck!

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Thanks Robert, that looks like a valuable resource for clips and fasteners! However, I think my terminology may have been off (after looking at my parts book) I'm in need of the part that some of the moulding snaps onto. There's one on either side at the rear quarter windows and at the rocker panels. The part in question is a 1" wide x ~32" long piece of metal that has a sort of channel. It is tapped directly to the body and the moulding snaps onto it. I've attached a couple of photos as well as a diagram for the rocker panel area from my parts book with the part highlighted. It's seems simple enough so I might see what Lowe's or Tractor Supply has in their metal/welding sections.




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