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v-12 intake manifold


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It sounds like the return pipe from the air cleaner not in the photo above but there is a 1/2 pipe rthat runs from the air cleaner to the intake on my V-12 air cleaner. Lee Waldren Ft. Myers, Fl.

thank you, guess i will just plug it up as i am running 3/ 2bbl. carbs. with small air cleaners. charlie1942lc

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You should probably try to find a way to utilize the vent. Had a similar situation with a dual carb sit up and was able to use a vent (hose) to one of the air cleaners. You might be able to install a PCV system between the vent hole and the base of the center carb? A "working" vent will eliminate blowby, help remove sludge and keep the fumes out of the cab.

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