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1988 reatta for sale


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I will be moving to california soon and therefore would like to sell my 88 Buick Reatta...which is currently in Michigan getting a brand new 4k paint job. The car has 93,000 miles of which I've put about 36k using the car on the highway. I am the 2nd owner and I knew the first owner - he owned Muffler man so i know he took good care of it! The car has never been smoked in and the interior is in great condition. I currently do not have an antenna for the car - the motor on the antenna broke so i dismantled it. The display screen works fine although their is a short in the wiring which will every once in a while display an electrical error for a few seconds and then it goes away. I've had car shops look at this and they told me not to worry about it - its just a short in the wire and not worth paying the money to research it. The car runs very well and i really dont want to part with it but it would make my move a lot easier so feel free to email me with questions...gkoboldt@hotmail.com<BR>I have not set an exact price yet but just wanted to see if anyone was interested???<BR>thanks, geoffrey koboldt

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