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1937 Chevrolet

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Yes, I have tried I&I, The Fillingstation, Chevs of the 40's, Dick Moffet, Pegs and others. I have been watching eBay for six months. My search is 'hood ornament 1934-1940' because I have found a lot of people don't know what they have. I have actually found two on eBay, both were broken and missing the piece.

Back in the day before I had Auburns, I had a business 'Curt's Prewar Chevy. In those days, most restorers removed the plane Jane ornament and replaced it with the bird. I could,'t give those things away. When I sold the business, I kept a collection of hood ornaments. Now I have every Chevrolet hood ornament 1927 - 1956, sans one.

I appreciate youe response John. If you should see one of these in your travels, please keep me in mind. If anybody can spot a part, YOU can!

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