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Anyone going to the POMONA Hot Rod show this weekend ?


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hey there,

Just thought I'd check since we'll be over there.

Probably hit the show Sat and/or Sunday.

Gonna be based in Long Beach, CA for a week, then Phoenix Feb 1-4.

Orlando for NADA convention 8-11 Feb.

Will be in San Diego this Saturday - any car shows then?

Would love to get to more parts of the countryside, but can't do everything...

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I'm at work today and thru the night. I just heard about the Hot Rod show today. I would like to go but it depends on how tired I am tomorrow. May have to sleep instead lol

Pomona Auto Swap Meet too. That's one I gotta start visiting again. Long Beach has a similar Swap Meet but not as big. Not sure on which weekend of each month they do it, sorry


'65 Riviera, Deluxe, A/C

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I was there for set up night last night. I took some pics below of the one Riviera in the show. It's in building 5. There are a lot of beautiful cars there.






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