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low oil pressure


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Guest Mc_Reatta

BD71 (BCM Data 71) is oil pressure.

I'd be checking the sender first before going after the pump.

Attaching a pressure gauge in place of sender would confirm which one is the culprit.

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If a '90 & happened suddenly there is a small chance it lost one or two cam bearings. Happened in my 90 Bonneville in the last century and have heard of a few others. Symptom is an engine that runs fine and is quiet but tops out under 20 psi hot. At the time I could not find any oversized cam bearings so just replaced the long block with a good used one.

First thing to do is to check with a mechanical guage (unscrew oil pressure switch, jumper the fuel pump switch, attach guage, run). If still really low (0 at idle, 19 psi at 2,000 rpm). I'd drop the oil pan and take a look inside. I found the mangled bearings lying on the bottom of the pan.

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Guest Richard D

My Mom had a 1993 Pontiac SSEI with the turbo 3.8 and in five years with 60,000 miles did the same thing. Engine was quiet with a can of STP so she traded it in on a Cadillac. She told dealer he should auction the car.

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