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I live in South Berwick, Maine and received this email from the Old Berwick Historical Society and am hoping someone can identify this car. I will be taking my restored 1931 Model A Tudor to the Cummings House for show and tell. I think it is very important to introduce antique cars to as many young people as possible.

"Hello Dan,

Patti Mitchem at the Land Trust gave me your name as a possible source for an antique car to show during a local history walking tour for school children next May. I work for the Old Berwick Historical Society planning the event, called the Hike through History, along with teachers from the Marshwood School System. Next year the theme of the tour will be Journeys, and we are looking for a car to show at the Cummings House on Railroad Avenue in South Berwick, where William Cummings, owner of the Cummings Shoe Factory, lived.

A photo of Cummings in one of his early cars is attached. I don’t know the date of this car—you may recognize it. We don’t need to replicate this vehicle, however; we simply want to have a vehicle from the period 1910 to 1940, when Cummings lived and worked here. (He later had a Pontiac, for example, which shows in photos of his house). The purpose of showing the car to young children (grades 1-3) is to reinforce the concept of sequence in time—a comparison of something they are familiar with, such as a car, in its earlier form.

If you can help me with locating a vehicle we could have on display for May 31 next year, I’d be grateful. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Nina Maurer"


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