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Inlet and Exhaust Valve Springs


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Has anyone in the club had new springs made and have them for sale?

If not, is anybody really interested? It looks like the price for a set of 12 would need to be between $235 and $250 if we could round up 12 or 14 folks wanting to buy. These would be made by a spring maker to the specifications and dimensions on print 22346 to fit engines for Models 9, 10-A, 10-B, 10-C, 11-A and 11-B.

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I can make them, or get them made. I made 50 springs (3 sets) for Series 12 a couple years ago and it was about $9/spring. We can make at least a couple dozen sets for Series 9-11 and try to get the price down some more.

I will work on it.

In the meantime, if you can find any old stock of a Sealed Power VS-511, that spring will work and was available off-the-shelf until the mid 1990's


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