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Sell and ask for help in finding Buick cars, parts, memorabilia etc here.

Please include the following information:

- Please choose either For Sale or Want To Buy from the "Topic Tags" menu

- Year (Include in title and description)

- Make/Model (Include in title and description)

- Price -Strongly suggested. In other words, if you are lonely and are posting without a price just to get someone to email you with requests for information, low-ball offers, and angry demands for the price, then fine, skip the price. Otherwise put a real price on it and find a real buyer.

- Description

- Location - City, State and Country - (Include in title and description)

- Contact Information: We recommend you ask interested parties to use either Private Message or the hidden eMail that you have listed in your profile. Listing an email or phone number in your ad may get you on a Spam Robots mail list. It is your choice however.

- EBAY or Craigslist ads and a URL for that ad are OK - Note - Only users who have introduced themselves and have 5 or more BCA forum posts may post a reference or URL to their own eBay or CL ad.

Want to place a commercial ad? Use the AACA Commercial Advertisement Forum for that. http://forums.aaca.org/f158/

Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-Buick automotive related postings may be deleted without notice!

Please do not post your opinions of prices being asked or of the condition of a For Sale item as it typically leads to bickering and hurt feelings. Again, use PM's to communicate with the seller or others about such information. If you want to know how much something is worth or how much to ask for something, post a question in the applicable Pre War or Post War Fourm.

Photos and price listings are optional, but they will increase interest in your posting and greatly help the sale.

After posting, please check back frequently, because interested parties may be posting questions and asking more information on the Forum.

If the items sells, please return to the For Sale ad and post that it has been sold and also add SOLD to the Subject line


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