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Sal, looks like you're p-ssing into the wind. You took the time to post a message about what information we look for when we look at the 'For Sale' ads, but everyone figures that they know the best way. I too, have been in marketing all my life and there is basic information about any/all products that has to be presented up front.<P>But you've told them and they won't listen. Forget it, and go get another beer instead.<P>Neil

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SalG, let me tell you a little story. My father who sold everything from vacumn cleaners door to door to high dollar real estate and could sell anywhere anyday anything. He wasn't afraid to learn new tricks, and you are not to old to learn either. One day he was selling used trucks at a Ford dealer in a little office with one other salesman. He answered the phone and a fellow on the other end was inquiring about a truck that they had on the lot. My father proceeded to tell him all about it. Every question was answered with great detail. When the call ended and he hung up the phone the other salesman was just looking at my Dad, he then said..."He sure has no reason to come down here now" How can you ever make a sale without talking to the looker? Point is if you were looking for a 1937 Lafayette would it really stop at this ad? Would you just say "well this is just not enough info, I think I'll look for a 1937 Lafayette else where" Or would you email him and try to see the car or learn more about it. And Neil, the very basic of marketing is getting the buyers attention. You can't make a sale if the product is in a black package at the back of the rack.<p>[This message has been edited by MARTINSR (edited 06-10-2000).]

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