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49 Dodge Wayfarer Convertible

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I have the front cowl, both doors and the rear convertible section

from a 49 Wayfarer convertible. The doors have roll up windows. The bottom 8

inches of both doors and the cowl are thin, but the rest of the metal is solid.

the doors have the glass and the hard to find curved stainless frames and vent

windows. I have two doors from a Wayfarer Sedan that are identical from the

beltline down and are solid if you wanted to graft them together. You also get a

complete top mechanism -one brace needs to be welded together, but it's all

there and in good shape. And you get the X-brace from the convertible frame and

the dashboard - which is not welded in like many convertibles.

This would convert a Wayfarer Business Coupe into a convertible.




Everything will fit in a pickup with no problem. I can take more

detailed pictures if you need them.

Richard Taylor


618-635-2444 Home

314-780-4422 Cell

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