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1962 Electra, how to remove front fender bottom bolts?

Pete Phillips

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Trying to salvage some parts from a '62 Electra that is way back in the woods, about 500 feet or more from any electricity. I have the front fenders almost removed except for those (%*&_(*#&@! bottom fender bolts behind the wheel opening, just in front of the door opening. The cage they are in always ALWAYS is rusty and breaks, leaving the bolt to spin uselessly no matter what you do. I fought the ^#!!**@&$@ thing for over two hours in the woods today--tried vise-grips but there really isn't room to get them behind the fender and behind the fender brace, which is where these bolts are. Can't reach it through the open door; tried wedging some flat screwdrivers in there--nothing works. If I were in my garage, I would plug in my electrical cut-off disc tool and grind off the head of the bolts. Can anyone suggest something? These front fenders are absolutely perfect and well worth salvaging before the car goes to the crusher. I don't own a torch and using one would be dangerous, given the lack of rain around here.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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I had to cradle the bolt in the 'V' of a heavy duty pry bar, apply a hole lot of pressure with the pry bar. and turned the bolt out with a ratchet. The pressure against the nut was enough for one side to loosen and so much that I sheared the other bolt in two. But they came loose. Good Luck

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Here's one I've used out in the wild before.... with no compressors around

Fill a portable (20 Gallon size or so) air tank to its pressure limit.

Attach your trusty whiz wheel (air cut-off tool) & cut off the heads of the bolts in about

1 minute or less ..... if you can't get behind the head to cut the shank off, just make multiple cross cuts

across the offending head until its mostly gone. THen just a bit of manual persuasion should coax it out.

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You could put a small wind turbine on your truck and drive it back and forth to generate electricity. If you put corn liqueur in the truck making the wind you can go to a special place when you are done. They give you a special jacket or sumthin. Its some kind of environmental institution.


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