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1929 -1930 LaSalle headlamp bar differences, what are they?


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I thought I knew 1930 LaSalle's but have learned that I do not. I have a couple of 1930 LaSalle project cars. Now that I am getting into restoration, I see that I have two different headlamp bar assemblies. I suspect that one of them is for a 1930 and one is for a 1929. I would post pictures but my digital camera is on the fritz. The second part of this question, are the 1929 LaSalle front fenders the same as 1930 and interchange? Will the 1929 headlamp bar fit properly on a 1930 LaSalle? I will make an assumption, the 1929 headlamp bar will place the headlamps closer together by a couple of inches? What I think is proper for 1930 will set the headlamps closer to the fender. Yup....just when I thought I have a working knowledge of my cars, I have learned that I do not. If you are a Cad./LaSalle guy, and have experience, share some wisdom with me.


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