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40's Cadillac.Reward $250. Professional car wanted.


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I am looking to purchase a 1940's Cadillac professional car. I will gladly pay $250 for the first person to find me a suitable purchase. Ambulance, limo, hearse. If I buy, you get paid. <BR>Thanks for your help.<P>Michael Indiano<BR>3178770494

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I am looking to purchase a 1940's Cadillac professional car. I will gladly pay $250 for the first person to find me a suitable purchase. Ambulance' date=' limo, hearse. If I buy, you get paid. <BR>Thanks for your help.<P>Michael Indiano<BR>3178770494[/quote']

I'll make some calls..........may know of a few for ya

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Perhaps that can help you:

This black 1946 Cadillac 5 door Ford Crestmark ambulance is very straight, solid project car from Idaho ready to be restored. The body is solid, straight and only has minor rust. All the glass is gone. The headlight rings are missing. The roof flasher lenses and siren are missing. The right side door handles are missing. The panel below the rear door has been repaired. The tail lights are gone. The rear bumper is not attached. The grey interior is all there. The clock face is broken and the ash tray is missing. Some of the radio buttons are broken. The chassis and suspension look good. The 346 CID L-head V-8 and hydramatic transmission are all there. The running condition is unknown. Here is your opportunity to restore or customize a truly unique ’46 Caddy ambulance.


3336 Harrison Avenue, Suite 304, Butte, MT 59701

Tel : +1/406-565-5277


Restored, Original and Restorable Classic Vehicles For Sale





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1941 CADILLAC EUREKA CARVED SIDES 3WAY HEARSE. This vehicle was available on Ebay times ago, was not sold and then retired. I don't know if it always is for sale, but who tries nothing has nothing as I always am saying ... then ...

This extremely rare funeral car is all original, even much of the paint appears to be original. It runs, shifts, drives and stops as a 67 year old car should. I use this hearse in my funeral business as requested. I am selling the car only because it is one of two classic hearses I own, and I don't see the need for two of them. I have been told that Eureka made only two of these cars in 1941, although I have not been able to find any proof of that.

The car is impressive, and in very good condition considering it is original. There is no rust, aside from the edge of the battery box. The doors open and close, however there is a slight sag in the rear side doors. This is not unusual, as the frame of this car is made of ash wood. There does not appear to be any rot in the wood. There are a fair number of rock chips and areas where the paint has been touched up. The paint on the rear of the car has some cracking or crazing.

The interior is also very nice. The mohair on the driver’s seat shows some wear, particularly the piping on the edge of the seat. All of the wood trim on the interior is complete and in very nice condition.

The flat head V8 and manual 3-speed runs very well, very quite and strong. I have driven the car as far as 120 miles, during the summer, without any problems. I did install a new temperature gauge under the dash because the original one does not work.

This is truly an unbelievable vehicle.


Mr. Chad R. Oolman, spécialiste des véhicules anciens, passionné

216 Albany Avenue North East

Orange City, IA 51041

Tel: +1/712-737-2213


Oolman Funeral Homes











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