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About 1 year ago a friend was been given a 57 Chevy Belair, 4 dr sedan. He told me at the time if he ever wanted to get rid of it he would give me first shot. That shot came about late last night. I'm not interested. It needs more work than I can handle at this stage of my life, not to forget I have other projects going. I am hoping someone here may be interested.

Originally it was a 6 cyl., 3 speed. The previous owner removed the rear end. It is with the car but not installed. The front end, as in A frames, brake drums, springs, etc. are also removed and sitting in the trunk. The front fenders and hood are also there but removed. There is no engine or transmission. The seats are ok but the rest of the interior is shot. I could see no obvious dents at all in the body and saw only one small rust spot. I did see rust around the edges of the rear window but did not check the front windshield. Needless to say the wiring is gone. The glass is there but would need replacing.

The car can be had cheap. It would need total restoration. 57 Chevys being what they are it would be worth the effort in my opinion regardless of it being kept original or rodded.

If you are interested please let me know.

I don't have pictures but can easily get some.

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Unfortunately 57 Chevy Sedans can be had in really nice shape for 10-12 G. I sold a really nice one 3 years ago to an unlce after trying to sell it locally for 3 months for that range. Super nice paint, detailed engine bay, Power steering and brake V8 Belair. Most new or replated chrome, good original interior, turnkey with no rust. Probably a 3+ car. Projects needing major work don't seem to move very fast especially more common ones. Hopefully it finds a good home though.

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