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New Special Interest Class . . . A class for Nellybelle


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I read in the Jan/Feb ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE a new Special Interest non-competitive AACA class has been added for 2013. Considered for this group are celebrity cars, movie/TV cars and such. Will we see Betty White's Seville or Whitney's Rolls at Hershey this fall?

What do you guys think of this addition?

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Something I've noticed at Hershey, the biggest AACA show. The biggest crowds are usually at the racecars, firetrucks, and oddballs like Nellybelle or fake barnfinds that were there as a do not judge, BTW. None of the vehicles that meet the " as built" definition. People do want to see them,maybe it IS time to open up the thinking. Glad to see this class myself. Perhaps someone is being observant before it's too late. Now when will the historically significant HR class be brought back?

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<dir>I just found the new judging guidelines online and here is the class definition<dir>


A display only, non-judged class. All vehicles in this class must be approved by the Class Acceptance Committee. The owner of such vehicle must provide documentation and authenticity documents to the Class Acceptance Committee. Consideration will be for the following examples:<dir>

</dir><dir>a. Celebrity vehicles

b. Vehicles in movies or on television

c. Vehicles of historical significance

d. Vehicles of innovative design that never matured

</dir></dir></dir>This class is not for modified vehicles, ie, hot rods, street rods, choppers and etc.

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