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We all need a little chuckle!

Guest Texas Old Car Guy

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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

Pulled up behind this van today at a stoplight and fortunately I had my iPhone camera with me. :D




UPDATE: I just googled the bumper sticker and they are available for $2.50 each from the Studebaker National Museum here: https://studebakermuseum.org/store/for-the-car/bail-out-studebaker-bumper-sticker_00411/:o

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That's a good one, especially since I have bought and sold alot of NOS Studebaker parts in the last year. I keep telling my wife the Studebaker parts are a better investment and held a much higher return rate than any of the stocks she tried dabbling in. Who thought stock in Studebaker would be a good buy decades after it went out of business. ;)

Actually the government has wasted money on worst projects but we wont go there.

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