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'60 Olds in junkyard: 4bbl intake, nice air cleaner, and A/C


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I was at a junkyard today and found a '60 Olds with 4bbl intake and A/C in it.

It's all there, including dash vents.

If this was a Buick, I'd know to go spend an entire day cutting down trees to get to the thing, but I'm not familiar with Oldsmobiles... How rare was A/C in '60? And what did most of them come with for intakes? If it was a 364 Buick Nailhead with a 4bbl intake, it'd be in my happy little hands right now, but I don't know if all the '60 Olds came with a 4bbl or if they're desirable.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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hi brad, most 1960 oldsmobile would have a four barrel intake manifold, i used to own a 1960 olds dynamic 88 four door sedan with the standard 371 two barrel engine, even it had factory a/c. the super 88 and the 98 models would have had the 394 rocket engine, the 371's were painted gold, the 394's were painted green. i would be interested in the "nice air cleaner", charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Guest Joe_Varley

The Dynamic 88's were standard with the 371 2 barrel, and the Super 88's and 98's had the 394 4 barrel as standard equipment.. A/C was not real common in 1960 on anything but full luxury cars like Lincolns and Caddys.

Joe V.

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