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I just finished a 2 day job replacing the door glass, new felt, in my 38 coupe. After completion my door glass on the drivers side lacks 1/2" of going all the way down.. All my side adjustments are good, regulator seems to be good, and it rolls up and down very smooth, but stops about 1/2" from going all the way down. The teeth look very good on the regualator. I can't see any thing inside to cause a problem.. Ant ideas? Or is the as far down this window goes? My 38 4 door glass goes all the way down..

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I had all new window cut from a local glass shop. I installed new tracks as well. What causes a lot of windows crack is where people put screws or rivits in the felt tracks. I bought small screws from Bob's and just used a couple to secure the channel. I tore out small peices of felt about 1/4" length and glued it over the screw heads, you can't tell that it's even there. This will keep the glass coming in direct contact with the screw heads. Besure to get your side measurments correct or it will rub against the channel when you roll the window up and down, use the old glass to get it aligned up right on the channel. You have a track adjustment to make after you get the glass installed. (Lower front of door) Push it in so it will kept the glass from jumping track. It's trail and error taking it apart and getting it back in.. Good Luck....

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