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1957 Chevy BelAir Rochester FI cars

Guest mikelj

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I have been looking around for some '57 BelAirs with the original type FI. I have no experience with these things, does anyone have any advice on how they operate and how reliable they are? Thanks for any tips.

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Hi Mike

Since you have not had a response I thought I would give it a shot. I do own an original 57 FI car but am far from an expert!

Many of the early FI units did have problems but I am not sure if it was a problem with the unit or the inability of the mechanic to propery adjust. By the end of 1957, GM had produced 4 different models and they had become very reliable. If you are into numbers and detail get a copy of the book "The History of GM's Ramjet Fuel Injection On The Chevrolet V-8 and it's Corvette Racing Pedigree" by Kenneth W. Kayser. Kayser was an engineer at GM and had access to drawing and records.

If you are looking to buy a 57 FI car it would be best to take someone that is knowledgeable in FI cars with you. Not many were factory built (1530 cars and another 1040 Corvettes). There are a number of cars for sale but most are counterfeit!

Hope this help and good luck.


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Thanks very much, as a member of NCRS, I have looked around there and have Ken's book. The car I am looking at has a 4800 unit, which fits the production date of the car, but not too sure if it is original, really no way to tell I guess. I am really more interested to see if these FI cars are reliable and dependable enough to be drivers for car shows, cruising etc. Having a choice of 2-4s or the FI, I am wondering which is the best way to go if I want to drive the car frequently. If I decide to go drive the car and look more seriously, I will try to get an expert to help. Thanks again.

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I have never had a Rochester fuel injected Chevy but from what I am told is that they sometimes take a lot of tinkering to keep them running good. I would go for the 245hp-283 if you want to drive it frequently. Just my opinion FWIW.

i have a 57 FI 2 door post, restored, original block, heads, rochester unit, electovac with original micro-switch, original fuel tank sending unit, exhaust manifolds, air cleaner with blue air cleaner element, water pump pully, 107 coil . i had gary pronesti examine the car before i did a total resto. its a 250 hp, 3 speed with original close ratio 3 speed. its a black 210 and body laser straight. its for sale @ 110K. mike mccagh at marylandmissile@atlanticbb.net

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