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1989 LeSabre T Type $975 Exceedingly rare WIS/MN

Guest BJM

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1989 buick lesabre t-type

Posted note: Owned one, restored it. These are becoming exceedingly rare to find in any condition these days.

1989 Buick Lesabre t-type, 2 door, white exterior, black and grey interior, 200,000 miles, daily driver, new starter, front crankseal leaks, some rust, true WE code T-type, good tires original wheels



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How do the bottoms of the doors floors and rockers look? Is it s running driver currently?

Floors are fine, some rust starting in rear wheel wells, but overall a low rust car. Car would drive to Pennsylvania.

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Guest wildcat465

I looked at this one 2-3 years ago when it was for sale by the same owner. It seemed to have quite a bit of rust at that time. Fixed since then? Soft trim issues in interior as well. I would consider it a parts car.

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