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Bearings for 1932 Dodge DL Six

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Dick...the '32 owners manual lists under engine bearings: "Four babbitt-lined bearings. The crankshaft main bearings are a special interchangeable type, manufactured to such close limits that new bearings may be installed without reaming, scraping, or burnishing."

Further: "The camshaft...is mounted in four large bearings; the front is a detachable steel-back babbitt-lined bearing; Nos. 2 and 3 are steel-back babbitt-lined, and the rear bearing is machined in the crankcase.

"The connecting rods are manufactured to exact size and are interchangeable without fitting, having bearings of babbitt, cast integrally by a centrifugal process, thereby providing a perfect bond and a bearing free from flaws or foreign substance."

And to give you confidence: "Damaged bearings are positively and quickly repaired at small cost by installing new bearings, which restore the original factory alignment. Bearings are otherwise not adjustable. These bearings should not be tampered with in any way other than to replace them. A bearing cap should never be filed."

Just drop by your local Dodge Brothers shop...;)

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