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Big Dodge Brothers auction in MD

Guest hwess

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Sat. Jan. 19 there is a big Dodge Brothers auction at Dayton MD for a DB member. Lots of DB cars, trucks, & parts. Call me for info. 410-374-2273. Herb

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Can you post more results?

I didn't write them all down but the 1925 Restored Franklin went for $9500. My friend bought the half restored 1927 Franklin for $4750. All the pre-1923 Engines went for $65 or less. A ratty 1927 Coupe with both doors, trunklid, and garbage fenders went for $165. The 1928 5-door sedan went for $1500. Some of the tubs and ratty roadster shells were $250 or less. I went for the doors and was hoping to find a rear bumper and a wood wheel spare tire carrier but no dice! The Auctioneers were begging for bidders. A sign of the times guys! The teens and twenty's stuff is fading.......

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