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Coast to Coast in six days and nine hours in a Hudson racer

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Ben Harper and W.S. Allen Run Coast to Coast, on Coast Tires


We have a very detailed post full of photos and a very interesting story on how Ben Harper built this 1913 Hudson on the the third floor of a U.S. Navy warehouse in San Francisco. To get the car up to the third floor of the building, he tied a rope to the front axle of the car and used the mechanism of the freight elevator to pull the car up the three flights and back down again after completion.

He and his brother in law W. S. Allen then went coast to coast with it twice and stopped with the car at Hudson headquarters in Detroit on the return trip (shown above) with the car which then had had with a mileage of 264,000 miles.

We have a very interesting post filled with photos and information about the trip, the Hudson and Coast Tires up on The Old Motor that you will find very interesting.


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Cool story. I wonder what happened with the car and Coast Tires as well.

All the details are in the post on The Old Motor. It does not appear that the car has survived but if he could find a 1913 Hudson chassis, Tom Harper his grandson would like to build a replica. Let us know if you know the whereabouts of one.

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