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37 Plymouth Hood


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Thanks Roger. I just bought a 37 coupe with no hood. A have a guy that is selling a hood off a 36 4 door sedan.

I would hate to buy it and have shipped out here and find out it does not fit.

Tsacchi, As previously mentioned, I can only offer that you might have the guy measure his 36 hood at the center line from radiator to cowl (from front to back) and from side to side (from latch handle to handle). This should give you a good idea to compare to yours from front to rear at the center. I'm afraid the length of the 36 looks longer than the 37 in a product display I have. I'll be happy to lend any help I can. Roger:confused:

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post-78906-143139339394_thumb.jpgPictures 2 to5, the 37 lights mounted on grill shell so the side panels are shorter than the top hood part. Side panels are 381/2 " the top hood 501/2". Pictures 1 and7, the 36 Ply lights mounted on the fenders. Hood side panels are almost same size as the top part of hood. Also, the side panels chrome is different. Hope this helps.







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